» EORA Hearing Jewels were a lifeline for me in getting back to a normal life –
without a visible hearing device. A wonderful feeling of happiness after a long period of disability. « S. K., 62 years old, Pölzig
» I had had impaired hearing for 3-4 years when I found out about the “hearing jewels”. I have been wearing EORA Hearing Jewels since 2014 and I must say that I really have that feeling of “belonging” again. Without EORA I would probably still not be wearing a hearing aid. « E. B.-K., 62 years old, Tübingen
» They are very comfortable to wear. As someone who wears glasses, it is particularly good to have nothing pressing behind my ear any more. I feel comfortable and secure. I can hear reliably and without any obvious device. Even if there are several noises in the room I can hear very well. I have no problems when I watch television and everything is automatically adjusted to the new situation. I spent quite a long time testing different models, and now I have found the right one for me. « J. S., 55 years old, Altenberg
» The sound quality with EORA Hearing Jewels is considerably better than with my previous hearing aids. When I am listening to music or to someone speak extraneous noises are dampened. « C. B., 90 years old, Dresden
» This solution finally convinced me to accept hearing aids. « C. G., 74 years old, Dresden
» I consider myself to be an active person, I like to travel and I enjoy regular visits to our holiday home and conversation with family and friends. Also, I have always loved cultural activities, concerts and theatre visits. You could say that I am a socially active person who tries to enjoy life to the full. But this pleasure in the important things of life was spoiled because I couldn’t completely rely on my senses any more. For a long time I had been aware that I could not understand people so easily in everyday life. Whether I was out for a drink with friends or on holiday or chatting to my family, I increasingly realised that I didn’t understand everything and often had to ask people to repeat things. Although this was very inconvenient for me, I still didn’t even consider wearing hearing aids as I felt too young for them and thought they just wouldn’t suit me. This attitude only changed when the prooptik hearing centre opened in Brühlerwallstraße. The exclusive and discreet Hearing Jewels caught my attention, and after the excellent consultation and first test I was so thrilled that I immediately recommended the devices to a friend. The very attractive Hearing Jewels allow me to hear better, but at the same time, give me the necessary “feeling of security” that if I want it to be a secret then no-one need know that I wear these little helpers. Instead of having to answer questions about my hearing I can actually enjoy compliments from friends on my new earrings. « J. T., 72 years old, Erfurt
» To start with I had classic hearing aids, which I hardly ever wore. The Hearing Jewels have improved everything. They look good and the sound quality is much better, which is very important for me in my job. « B. L., 58 years old, Langebrück
» In the past I rarely wore earrings. Now I often wear my ear-clips because they help me to understand the people I am speaking to much better, even in a noisy environment. « H. K., 91 years old, Neu-Isenburg
» I chose my Hearing Jewels mainly because I liked the look of them. As a woman I wanted to wear something beautiful on my ear, which at first sight look doesn’t like a classic hearing aid. But the Hearing Jewels have also improved my quality of hearing. The devices are aligned in such a way that I can understand the person I am speaking to much better. My ears receive more air and don’t get blocked as quickly as they used to. « S. M., 67 years old, Kelsterbach
» I would never have thought that I could find such an elegant solution to my hearing problem at my age. It has made me very happy.  « W. W., 69 years old, Dresden
» For me, as a woman, Hearing Jewels are a charming way of wearing a hearing device « A. L., 47 years old, Dresden
»  I am delighted to have chosen this hearing device hidden in a piece of jewelery because people can’t see that I am wearing a hearing aid. « I. F., 92 years old, Dresden
» The hearing accessory is smart and doesn’t look like a hearing aid. It allows me to hear quite differently – now I remember how lovely it is to hear the world around me and to take part in conversations. The firm of Hörstudio Bettin offers me a service that is competent, friendly, obliging and to be recommended. « L. K., 55 years old, Lindau
» I am completely satisfied with the hearing accessories I bought. The jewellery looks great. The advice I was given on the technical aspects and setting of the devices was fantastic. Really first-class. That made me realise for the first time that I had absolutely no idea of what to look out for. I would like to thank you once again for the professional, friendly service. « S. P., 61 years of age, Chemnitz
» A hearing impairment is not something you can buy, you are just given it. Most people cannot accept this, and I can’t either. My hearing impairment is inherited and the whole family on my mother’s side is affected by labyrinthine hearing loss. Many women are unwilling to wear hearing-aids because, even when worn behind the ear, they are visible to the rest of the world. That’s why most women do without a hearing-aid for as long as they can. But then comes the light bulb moment when you can suddenly hear EVERYTHING. Then you can even talk to other people about your hearing problems and the inevitable hearing-aids.
It’s hard to accept that everyone says, you are wearing a lovely pair of glasses. But no-one says, oh, you must have bad eyes!
That’s the position I’ve reached now. Thanks to EORA Hearing accessories. Now I love it when people tell me I have beautiful earrings. Then I proudly tell them that my hearing-aids are hidden inside them and I ask if they want some, too. « C. E., 63 years of age, Witzschdorf
» After a long period of hesitation I finally decided to get a hearing-aid in 2007. My glasses and hearing-aid together were uncomfortable, caused pressure points and I needed to adjust them frequently. When I heard about EORA Hearing accessories I decided straight away that I would try them out. It became clear even during the trial period that this was the ideal solution. The hearing accessories are comfortable to wear and help me forget sometimes that I wear a hearing-aid. I hear and understand well – this was definitely the right decision. « M. R., 63 years of age, Panketal
» I have been wearing hearing jewels for a few months now.
The technology and the design of the hearing aids complement one another perfectly.
Hearing jewels are easy to use, unlike the hearing aid my mother-in-law wears.
What's more, EORA hearing jewels are light enough that they can be worn for several hours at a time. I am very pleased with them.
It is very important to me that no-one can see I need a hearing aid.
Since my preference is for silver jewellery, I also chose silver for my hearing jewels. They really do look very good. « E. R., 65 years old, Dresden
» The last two years have shown me that this combination of up-to-date technology and elegant design is just perfect! « M. H., 73 years old, Moritzburg