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Stay tuned for our product revolution: jewelry that makes your life easier.
Available starting late summer of 2022.

Sounds of Life

Whether chatting with loved ones, talking to colleagues or listening to music – a hearing aid helps many people with hearing loss to be more confident about their life again. EORA hearing jewels are beautiful earrings with a high-fidelity hearing aid cleverly concealed inside. These beautiful accessories make a statement about your personality as they enhance your beauty and style as well as the wonderful sounds of life. Until now, decorative hearing devices were either too heavy, too big or did not produce a satisfactory sound. 

Expert hearing aid audiologists, Bertram and Kerime Riedel, worked with jewellery designer Sandra Coym to create EORA hearing jewels – decorative hearing aids that are lighter, more comfortable and perfect for daily use. Each beautiful piece of jewellery conceals a small, powerful hearing device developed in collaboration with Swiss hearing systems manufacturer, Bernafon.



Bertram Riedel is a qualified hearing aid acoustician and responsible for project management of the EORA hearing accessories.

“Most people who can’t see well do something about it, but there are many people who can’t hear well and do nothing about it. Far too few people appreciate the importance of being able to hear well. That is why our slogan is: hearing equals quality of life – and that’s where we come in!”